Recruitment Expertise

Call it Full Time, Direct Hire, Permanent Hire, Contract, Contract to Hire, Temp, Temp to Permanent, Part Time, Seasonal Recruitment, We at Fortira hold expertise and excellent record in fulfilling Clients need with highly skilled professionals as covering all labor Categories, Skills, Levels covering all locations in the United States under Pharmaceutical, IT Infrastructure , Financial , HealthCare and Insurance Domain

Information and Data Management comprises all disciplines related to managing data as a valuable asset for your organization. Understanding of Information Management vs. Data Management to drive business outcomes is important and this helps and allow organizations to identify gaps in one’s approach and builds a robust foundation that will drive to curation and sustaining high quality data and build trust and confidence in information assets for the strategic and operational decision-making.


All Information Management Components such as – Information and Data Strategy , Business Intelligence and Performance Management, Enterprise Data Management, Information Asset Management, Enterprise Content Management , Content Delivery , Architecture and Technology Enablement and  Data Management Components such as  Data Governance and Stewardship ,Data Quality ,Master Data Management , Metadata Management , Data Architecture, Privacy/Security , Data Retention and Archiving are well covered in our end to end recruitment process and as directed or required by our Clientele.


Employment Screening is a vital and long process and it begins the minute you receive an application. Applicants are evaluated against a predetermined set of criteria to strike the right balance between knowledge, Experience & Skills along with core behaviors to help effective onboarding and engagement. The key focus areas for our candidate assessment includes relevant experience and subject knowledge, industry alignment, leadership and team management skills, communication skills, Subject Matter Expertise, Tools and Technologies required. Applicants are screened to determine whether the one has enough skills and has what is projected in one’s profile and it meets the Client need. We follow screening process such as Phone Screen, In-Person Interview, Reference and Background Checking as per Client need and SLA in place.