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Customer Segments

Near shore services

With rising labor costs, attrition and bottled-up infrastructure in the traditional outsourcing countries in Asia, companies here are realising the importance of nearshoring to keep their costs down.

Based in the US, it is our endeavour to understand the local environment to the best of our ability and work out customised but cost-effective solutions to our clients. With countries in the US’s proximity providing a huge labor pool of talented and culturally well attuned professionals, we are in the right position to explore it to our clients’ advantage.

With almost uniform intellectual property laws, immigration advantages to work in the countries of the region and time zone proximity thereby eliminating the hourly rate differentials that could accrue because of outsourcing, more and more people understand the importance of nearshoring.

Our core competence is delivering quality and if cost effectiveness is the only reason why some companies offshore their services despite such risks as remote location, lack of personal touch and dearth of understanding of the local technological environment, you need not look beyond the shores. Fortira is here.

Our focus is especially on small and medium enterprises who may not be in a position to offshore due to various constraints.