Mobile App Development Services


Mobility Solutions

Mobile applications are playing a vital role in day to day life, as the number of people accessing the net through smartphones and tablets are growing day by day. Mobile applications have the unique ability to access many potential consumers.


Fortira is responsible for development of hundreds of Android apps from Gingerbread to Nought and from simple phones to customer devices. Our team of experts are qualified and skilled enough to address the business and technology needs by building Android application that are so perfect to meet the strategic business objectives. By accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are usable for any android devices.


iOS devices are popular for their performance and practical features. The entrepreneurs see the iOS as a very dependable method to increase their business. Be sure of achieving success by usage of right App and delivery at the right time. Our teams of experts are well placed and qualified to meet the stringent App store standards and utilize the platform for better result. We are experts on Swift C and Objective –C.

Cross Platform

We develop applications that can be used across multiple mobile platforms. They not only increase the speed but also are cost effective. Our tools are also marked by their simplicity of usage. They are usually based on common languages for scripting including CSS, HTML, and Javascript. We are experts on Cordova/ Phonegap, ionic, Xamarin, Titanium, Appcelerator.